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Win The Rose

Enter to win this gorgeous red rose from Polly Becks! Do you remember your first rose? Was it part of a white bouquet for your First Communion? A pink wrist corsage for a school dance? Or maybe a single red rose from your fiance? I saved rose petals from...
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The Most Romantic Time of the Year — Prom!

Image courtesy of Benjamin Earwicker Prom season is upon us once again. To a teacher, the prom is a major distraction. My students are illicitly sneaking onto dress sites instead of working on their projects in the computer lab, and some of the guys are comparison shopping for...
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How to Write a Romance Novel (with Tongue Firmly in Cheek)

Writing a novel is an interesting time-consuming fascinating process. Writing multiple novels in a short period of time is challenging insane. (Already you can see part of my process: write it down, then go back and look for a better word choice.) Some authors start with a scene, or an overheard snippet that...
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