How to Write a Romance Novel (with Tongue Firmly in Cheek)

Writing a novel is an interesting time-consuming fascinating process. Writing multiple novels in a short period of time is challenging insane. (Already you can see part of my process: write it down, then go back and look for a better word choice.)

Some authors start with a scene, or an overheard snippet that sparks a thought. The Extraordinary Days series started with a conversation about what goes into creating a romantic series: Recurring characters, interrelated plots, a friendly little town…and hopefully, for the reader, a feeling that this place really exists, and that things happen even when you’re not here to read about them.

Of course there needs to be romance too, but I don’t think every book doesn’t have to end with a wedding. (Although I do love happily ever after, or at least happily for now.) The characters can’t be annoyingly perfect, and elements of humor, mystery and bit of history will help. Plausibility and accuracy are important. And if the reader actually learns something, then reading romance novels can be an educational experience! That’s what I hope to accomplish with this series.

As I dove into this challenge, I saw a ton of advice on how to get started as a romance novelist. One of the funnies I found was this tongue-in-cheek video created by Diane Farr. You’ve been warned!

I think I’m ready to go plot my next book…This blog is here for me to share some of my thoughts with you. Right now, I’m aiming for twice a week. If there’s something you want to know, send me questions and I’ll see what I can do.

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