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Just like at Pancake Heaven in Obergrande, NY

Just like at Pancake Heaven in Obergrande, NY Photo courtesy of Wong Mei Teng

For Foodies — and the Rest of Us!

If you’ve landed on this page, we know you love food. And some of us love to spend hours pouring over a recipe, enjoying every tiny measurement and dollop with care and love. Others just need to get the food on the table for that wildly busy family you care for. We’ve got both of you covered, with great food that you can create like a true food, or use the fast and easy version for almost-as-good results.

Most of these recipes are featured in scenes in The Extraordinary Days series by Polly Becks. My oh my these ladies do love to eat!




chocolate lasagnaChocolate Lasagna

This is the killer dessert the girls feasted on when Sarah came home to Obergrande. Live, love, eat chocolate!