Looking for a love story filled with excitement, suspense, mystery, and steamy passion? Stop looking and start reading book No Ordinary Day by Polly Becks. This first book in “The Extraordinary Day Series” is filled with memorable characters and unforgettable events.

Events in the story flow along as a devastating flood threatens to wash away an entire town. Homes, businesses, and lives are in danger, including an elementary school where five kindergarten kids are trapped. Can their teacher, Lucy, with the help of a muscular army sergeant named Ace, save the kids and help Lucy overcome her anguish and guilt for putting the kids in harms way?

Mystery remains as to why did an old dam fail during a torrential downpour. Was the breached dam caused by an unkind act of nature, or were feuding towns folks responsible?

Each chapter ends with a hint of suspense and anticipation making you eager to read more. This is a hard book to put down.

Can personal relationships and love be found among the tragedies and destruction caused by the flooding?

Is No Ordinary Day a story of mystery and intrigue? Yes! A story with steamy hot passion? Yes! A story with memorable characters? Yes. A #1 best seller? Should be.

A great read.

Dave Pearson, Owner, Sigil Publishing